Heart String….2 Years Later

Thanks to the Timehop app, I was delightfully reminded that 2 years ago I put out an advert on Facebook looking for 2 people to start a new band called ‘Heart String’. First Dan came along and then the lovely Holly, who knew what an amazing adventure we would have together. During this time we have played a wonderful 24 shows at festivals,…

Basingstoke Live 2013

Yesterday was the hottest day of the year, the sun was shining, the sun cream was out and thousands of people went along to Basingstoke’s War Memorial Park to participate in  Basingstoke Live. There were 5 stages hosting a variety of music ranging from indie, rock, reggae and folk. Heart String were on the Unplugd! Stage which was organised by Martin…

Inspirational Women – Online Blog

I have been receiving some lovely feedback following International Women’s Day as I gave away some free copies of my magazine, Inspirational Women.  I have decided to continue the project online but give you, yes you, the opportunity to take part. It is such a great opportunity to reflect on the women that have inspired and moved you the most and celebrate their greatness….